OklaSaid – The #Oklaed Podcast

OklaSaidOklaSaid – The #Oklaed Podcast

Thank you for listening to OklaSaid – The #Oklaed Podcast! We are glad you are here! This podcast will be updated weekly after each #oklaed chat. Topics will vary, as the topics of #oklaed vary.  We welcome you every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. CST for one of the fastest hours of the week!

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Episode 1 – Teacher Cliches: True or Crap? @bluecerealeduc
Episode 2 – EdCampOKC @MrsBeck25 & @jonnycurriculum
Episode 3 – Challenge Yourself @TeachFromHere
Episode 4 – ELA in “Real Life” @Tstyles77
Episode 5 – March Madness: Assessment Madness @MicheleCorbat @Coach57 @RodneyHetherton @aj_hartley1 @mrsbeck25
Episode 6 – Indian Education: Leadership and Policy @FunstonWM
Episode 7 – Student Leadership @kriscoop80 & @mcappsparks
Episode 8 – School to Prison Pipeline
Episode 9 – PassionEDU


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