Episode 5 – March Madness: Assessment Madness

OklaSaid - The Podcast
OklaSaid - The Podcast
Episode 5 - March Madness: Assessment Madness

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Erin Barnes: twitter.com/ebarnes73

Scott Haselwood: twitter.com/teachfromhere

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Guest Moderators from #COLchat: Culture of Learning that happens on alternate Mondays 8:00CST catch them next on March 27:

Overview of chat topic

  • Topic: March Madness: Assessment Madness

Quick overview of each question from the chat:

  • 1 – We are heading into spring assessment “March Madness” season.  What ways do you keep the focus on creativity?

  • 2 – Education has continued to be standardized, how do you personalize learning for your students? 

  • 3 – What do you do in your classroom to alleviate the testing madness?

  • 4 – What if there were no state assessments? What would be the alternative?

  • 5 – When/how often should we us project/performance-based assessments when state tests are mostly forced-choice assessments?

  • 6 – Can parents/students opt out of your state assessments?  What happens if they do?

  • 7 – Should there be ‘common assessments’ or ‘common understandings’? Why?

  • 8 – What will you do tomorrow to ensure that “March Madness” doesn’t take over your classroom/school?

Favorite question and why?

  • Erin: 

  • Scott:

Boomsauce tweet(s) of the night:



Next week on the #oklaed chat

  • Join us at 8PM CST Sunday for Indian Ed: Leadership and Policy moderated by @FunstonWM

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