Flipped Class and Gamification Resources

If you are interested in flipping your classroom at any level, here are some resources for you.  This list will always be in development so check back often.  If there is a really cool place that I have not listed, then please let me know and I will add it!!

Here is a quick How To video using some of the listed applications:

What I Use:

Web Resources:

There are several great sites that are not listed, I chose the ones that I use the most frequently…If there is an excellent place that needs to make the list, please let me know!

  • Google Flipped Learning Community
  • Flipped Learning Network
  • Flipped Classroom Ning
  • Jon Bergmann’s Flipped Classroom
  • Sophia – This is a site that will host videos and provides teachers with professional development and tools to help flip their class.
  • #flipclass – This is a twitter feed of all the tweets that have the hashtag “flipclass.”  There are several great ideas just waiting to be discovered and put to work in your classroom.
  • Pinterest – This is my flipclass Pinterest board, check back frequently to see the newest flipclass ideas I have found!
  • EDpuzzle – This website give teachers the opportunity to edit any video to meet the needs of their class.  You can upload your own videos or search and find, embed a quiz or add you own audio – whatever you need!


Interested in Gamification?  Here are some ideas to think about.

Professors to use gaming methods in classrooms

How Tomb Raider can influence gamifying your classroom

Gamification on Pinterest

How and Why to Gamify your classroom

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