Speaking and PD

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We are getting ready to start a session on Twitter for Teachers at Encyclomedia 2015 in Oklahoma City.

Speaking and PD

When I have the opportunity to work with educators through professional development or share a motivational keynote I get so inspired!  I have led workshops, breakout sessions, and given keynotes with educators at all different grade levels.  With practical ideas, humor, and almost 20 years of teaching experience,  let me help you create professional development that works.

A few of the things that I am most passionate about:

  • Twitter for Teachers:  Harness the power of Twitter and develop a professional learning community that helps educators grow.
  • Educational Technology:  Make educational technology a foundation of your classroom, get practical ideas that can be used right away.
  • Flipped Classroom:  Learn how the flipped classroom can help you reach every student every day.
  • Gamification:  Use the motivational hooks that make games so great to inspire your students to do more than they ever thought they could.
  • Motivation:  Get inspired to do more and be more creative than you ever thought you could be.

See some of my ideas on YouTube:

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