Shared Media Sample

Homework Assignment:

  • Bring your media sample to class (or be able to access it) on August 24. In a brief (2-5 minutes) presentation:
  • Show and/or tell us about it, including where you found it and why you chose it.
  • Describe your media sample as a media text, addressing the 5 key/critical questions of media literacy (see Hobbs (2011) p. 57 or Center for Media Literacy website for help).

My media sample comes from a blog I wrote this past summer – the challenge was to find an intro video for myself, as a teacher.

Intro Video

  1. Media messages are constructed: I created this whole thing to describe my view of myself as a teacher and educator.  It is one view.  From my perspective.  Of myself.
  2. Media messages are produced within economic, social, political, historical and aesthetic contexts:  This message is totally made with a political slant in mind.  Totally.
  3. The interpretative meaning-making processes involved in message reception consist of an interaction between the reader, the text and the culture:  I put my video and blog together using songs from popular culture (some more popular than others).  The reader should have some opinions when they finish.  If they know me, they may totally disagree with what I put out there.
  4. Media have unique “languages,” characteristics which typify various forms, genres and symbol systems of communication: This particular media is a combination of several things, the written word (blog space), music video (auditory and visual), and is supposed to represent what I would like to have played as an intro video before I come into the classroom.
  5. Media representations play a role in people’s understanding of social reality:  I did share this through social media.  For someone who does not know me, this may or may not give them the real story of me.

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