teaching from hereWhat is Teaching From Here?

Teaching From Here is a blog by me (Scott)!  This blog is for teachers of all ages who teach all ages.  There are ideas for using educational technology in your class, gamification, flipped classroom, and being a positive educational disrupter.

If you teach, no matter what age or subject, you will find ideas in this space.  Look around – there is something that will challenge your thinking or give you ideas for your practice!

If you have about 15 minutes each day that you listen to the radio on your commute, consider subscribing to The Drive podcast.  Each episode is roughly 15 minutes in length and will challenge your thinking.

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The tagline on my site: “Going Rogue and Teaching Differently” represents my desire to see teachers try to do more than they ever thought they could.   My definition of “Going Rogue?”  It means we are leaving the map, venturing out into the unknown, following our instincts, getting out of comfort zones and challenging the way teaching has always been done.  I am not advocating breaking the rules here – but we can definitely do things differently.  Try flipping a class.  Try gamification.  Try using QR codes for review.  Try something different.  Go Rogue.



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