Twitter For Teachers Module

*As this lesson becomes cemented and starts to unfold – it will be gamified.  The gaming hooks are not visible now – but as this lesson is developed and is close to launch, they will become evident.  The final lesson will be up on my blog:

Instructional Analysis:

In 2014, according to, there were 500 million tweets each day.  Of those tweets, 4.2 million were education related (about 3,000 per five seconds).  While there are several teachers who are active on Twitter, there are even more who are not.  The aim of this module of instruction is to help teachers become vibrant active members of Twitter.

Instructional Objectives:

  1. Use of Twitter for educational purposes, for professional development purposes, and for classroom purposes.
  2. Exploring tools that can be used to navigate Twitter, curate content, and share experiences.
  3. Cultivating a professional learning network that will share ideas, offer feedback, give support, and be a sounding board for lesson ideas.
  4. Become a regular participant in a Twitter chat on a topic that has meaning and is impactful for each unique teacher
  5. Give teachers ideas for using Twitter in the classroom to benefit both students and parents.  Ideas will also include ways to include Twitter as part of a lesson.

As teachers work through these lessons, objectives may be updated or deleted and each unique learning point will be updated and refined.

Here is the current flow chart – Have I missed anything?

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