To My Nephew

IMG_0528Dear Jadon,

As you prepare for the beginning of your senior year of high school, I want to share with you how proud and excited Aunt Jazmin and I am for you. Your journey is not yet complete, there are several paths that are in front of you and the choices you make will determine which path is taken.

There is the path of your senior season of high school football. There is no doubt you have been blessed with a talent that is very special and unique.  Keep working hard, listening to your coaches, and make sure that each day you grow as a player. This path has provided a rich experience for you, one that very few athletes ever have the chance to explore. Don’t forget this.

There is a path of which university to attend. This is a huge choice, one that should not be taken lightly. You have been given the opportunity to attend the University of your choice on a scholarship – take full advantage of this. Most college students are not so fortunate; they are limited by where they live, or the expense of the college. Choose the school that best fits you, then take full advantage of everything that school has to offer.

One path you will follow is determined by how you play on the football field. Your tenacity, effort, skill, and attitude will be seen by more than your coaches and teammates. What you show on the field is also seen by those who watch you play from the stands or on the internet, even the classroom.

Believe it or not, your actions will have an influence on people you have never met. I am speaking from experience here, my high school basketball coach had told me the same thing. I thought that seemed a bit of a strong statement but listened. Ten years later, at a school where I was teaching, one of the secretaries shared that her son had loved watching me play. She said he wanted a haircut like mine – a good old fashioned flat top. I never knew. Make sure your actions on and off the field leave a positive impact on those who see.

I love this picture of you and Roan! He had the best time hanging out with you in Norman. Roan also really enjoyed playing FIFA with you at Christmas this past winter. He wants to know where you will be playing college football and really, really wants to see you in action (so do Aunt Jazmin and I)! You have a family full of love supporting you!

Keep working hard. Keep growing as a person, as a student, and as an athlete. Be the best you you can be.

Much Love,

Uncle Scott

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