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To My Nephew

Dear Jadon, As you prepare for the beginning of your senior year of high school, I want to share with you how proud and excited Aunt Jazmin and I am for you. Your journey is not yet complete, there are several paths that are in front of you and the choices …

Image of a game controller

Gamification – What is Flow and Why is it Important?

Gamification – What is Flow and Why is it Important? Flow – This occurs when we are doing something that is not so difficult we give up, yet not so easy we get bored with the activity. The participant is fully involved in the activity, they are focused, and they …

Image of a game controller

Gamification – What Are Gaming Mechanics

Gamification – What Are Gaming Mechanics Jane McGonigal in her book, Reality is Broken, identified four things required to make a game (McGonigal, pg. 21): A specific goal: players need to know what they are trying to accomplish. Rules: Players need to know how to play the game. A feedback system: …

Image of a game controller

Gamification – An Introduction

Gamification – An Introduction What is Gamification? Gamification can be defined as using gaming mechanics in non-game situations.  Some examples might include the credit card miles you get for buying gas, or the sandwich shop card punches that get you a free sandwich, maybe the step counter and its app …

Now What

One More Day. Then, One More Day.

Today, thousands of my colleagues walked out of their classrooms and building to descended on the state capital. Nothing was accomplished in either chamber. The House of Representatives finished their work in the early afternoon and adjourned for the day, and voting down a possible revenue stream in the process. …


You Are More Than A Teacher

Uber? Lyft? Teach? It has been a challenging week for educators. The Oklahoma legislature voted not to give teachers a $5,000 pay raise, which is desperately needed. Teachers in Oklahoma have not had a pay raise in a decade. Here is a tweet from Oklahoma teacher Shanna Melllot, she shared it …


ISTE Day 2

ISTE Day 2 Day 2 is in the books.  As with yesterday, much of the day was spent on the Expo floor.  There are so many things to take in and process in this single space.  Wow! Gale was interesting – sort of like a Google for teachers in the …



This post will be short and sweet.  I have been playing around with a couple of different sites: Medium and LinkedIN. Trying to combine my blog with both of these sites led me to try out using If This Then That (IFTTT). Have you tried any of these sites?  Do …

New Stuff

New Stuff

It has been a long time since my last blog post.  One of the things all of those blogging/social media websites say is most important is the frequency with which you blog.  Oops.  It is not for lack of wanting to share, more like exactly what…New Stuff is coming.  The …


Reign of Error

One of the books that I read this semester was Diane Ravitch’s Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools. Below is an infographic.  Enjoy.

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