Episode 10 – Community solutions for Education

OklaSaid - The Podcast
OklaSaid - The Podcast
Episode 10 - Community solutions for Education


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Erin Barnes: twitter.com/ebarnes73

Scott Haselwood: twitter.com/teachfromhere

Who hosted the #oklaed chat and where to find them on Twitter:

University of Oklahoma Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education Dean Gregg Garn @deangarn

Overview of chat topic

  • Topic: Community Solutions for Education

Questions from the chat:

  • 1 – #Oklaed can’t wait any longer for state and federal solutions.  What could local leaders do to attract and retain great teachers in Oklahoma?

  • 2 – What community entities/businesses have the highest stake in having a great school and teachers in their community?  How can we get them involved?

  • 3 – Below are a few incentives being discussed that could mean huge savings for educators.  Which would be the most beneficial and what would you add to the list? Health Care ()for Teacher and/or Students), Student debt benefits, Childcare Supports/Subsidy, Continuing Education/PD support.

  • 4 – Homeownership is the first step in building strong communities, and with homeowner programs like OHFA Dream and Homes for Heroes, teachers save on purchasing a home in Oklahoma.  Would this incentive attract teachers to #Oklaed?

  • 5 – Many teachers purchase homes out of the district they work in because of costs.  What sort of role should the community play to ensure teachers can afford to own homes in the districts they teach in?

  • 6 – Yukon  Public Schools now provides matching 529 College Savings Plan for its teachers’ children.  while waiting for a solution for #oklaed teacher pay, would this be an incentive to stay in #Oklaed and/or your district?

  • 7 – What are some ways #oklaed can go to their own communities and get these initiatives started?

  • 7B – Administrators, what are some barriers you foresee in having these conversations with community stakeholders?

  • 8 – Teachers, what was not mentioned tonight that you could see as something that would encourage teachers to teach and stay in #oklaed?

Favorite question and why? 

  • Scott: Q3: 

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