Episode 57 – School Climate

OklaSaid - The Podcast
OklaSaid - The Podcast
Episode 57 - School Climate

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OklaSaid: twitter.com/oklasaid
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Scott Haselwood: twitter.com/teachfromhere

Who hosted the #oklaed chat and where to find them on Twitter:

April Gustafson (Mrs. G.) @April2383

Overview of chat topic

School Climate

Questions from the chat:

  • 1 – What is school climate?

  • 2 – Why is school climate important?


  • 3 – In our district, we utilize PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and supports) to support and improve school climate. Doe your school or district use #PBIS?

  • 4 – What successes do you see happening with PBIS implementation or the tools and methods your school is using?

  • 5 – What challenges are you facing with #PBIS implementation or your school’s chosen tool/process?

  • 6 – What are the differences in behavioral techniques between elementary and secondary, if any?

  • 7 – Does your school have a school climate/positive behavior team or PLC? How does it operate?

  • 8 – What are some examples of support from district administration in regards to #schoolclimate? What additional supports would you like to see?

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