Episode 44 – Hot Topics in Education

OklaSaid - The Podcast
OklaSaid - The Podcast
Episode 44 - Hot Topics in Education

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OklaSaid: twitter.com/oklasaid
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Scott Haselwood: twitter.com/teachfromhere

Who hosted the #oklaed chat and where to find them on Twitter:

Dr. Jason James @James409Jason

Overview of chat topic

Hot Topics in Education

Questions from the chat:

  • 1 – Question 1 – T Shortage is the #1 crisis in #oklaed ~ How has T shortage affected you in your job?

  • 1b – Question 1b – Q1b) More on T shortage, how has the usage of emergency, alternative, or adjunct Ts affected Ss at your school? #oklaed

  • 1c – Question 1c – Q1c)  Do you believe there is a major difference between emergency, alternative, adjunct and traditional Ts?  Is there a significant impact on student learning? #oklaed 

  • 2 – Question 2 – Q2) Truth Serum:  Does #oklaed have too many school districts? What is your answer when #okleg keeps bringing up this issue?

  • 2 – Question 2b – Q2b) Many in #oklaed acknowledge school choice; Ps should be able to choose the right school for their children. Does this choice have limits?

  • 3 – Question 3 – Q3)  Charter Schools: What is your take?  Are they good for #oklaed or drain on precious resources?

  • 3b – Question 3b – Q3b) Currently, there is a lawsuit challenging the way charter schools are funded in Oklahoma. Charter schools contend they should receive state dedicated monies, building fund, etc.  Valid or way off base? #oklaed

  • 3c – Question 3c – Q3c) What do you think about virtual charter schools?  Are Ss getting an education? Are these for profit schools good for #oklaed?

  • 4 – Question 4 – Q4) T pay: many have proposed a T pay raise. What is the true number to stem the tide of Ts leaving the profession or leaving to other states? What is your real number? #oklaed

  • 4b – Question 4b – Q4b) Is T pay an indication of your worth? Is pay a matter of Respect?  What do you need to stay in #oklaed and retire in your chosen job duties?

  • 5 – Question 5 – Q5) How is your #okleg doing?
     Don’t hold back. Do they support #oklaed? Are they doing a good job?  Are they BSC?

  • 6 – Question 6 – Q6) Did I miss a hot topic you were interested in?  Tell the twitterverse what your big issue is?

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