Episode 8 – School to Prison Pipeline

OklaSaid - The Podcast
OklaSaid - The Podcast
Episode 8 - School to Prison Pipeline

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Podcast Hosts and where to find us on Twitter:

Erin Barnes: twitter.com/ebarnes73

Scott Haselwood: twitter.com/teachfromhere

Who hosted the #oklaed chat and where to find them on Twitter:

Kyrstal Golding-Ross @krystalgr80

Overview of chat topic

  • Topic: School to prison pipeline moderated by @krystalgr80

Questions from the chat:

  • 1 – Has the school-to-prison pipeline been discussed in your school or district?  If so, what was the focus?  If not, how can you start the conversation?

  • 2 – What do you think are the key contributing factors to the school-to-prison pipeline?

  • 3 – Which of these factors are present in your school/district?  What are you doing to address them in your role as an educator?

  • 4 – Is cultural competency training mandatory for personnel in your school/district?  What does it include?

  • 5 – How do you think implicit bias might affect your judgment when dealing with subjective behaviors like “disruption” and “disrespect”?

  • 6 – More and more “zero tolerance” policies are being instituted in districts/schools, and many of these policies require OSS as punishment.  Do you exercise any discretion at to whether Ss are referred for disciplinary action based on these policies?  Why or why not?

  • 7 – Research indicates that restorative justice models are more effective than punishment models for improving school climate and keeping kids out of the pipeline.  Has there been any discussion about this in your school or district?  How could you start this conversation or push the initiative forward?

Favorite question and why?

  • Erin:  
  • Scott: Q6: Zero Tolerance policies

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Resources Shared in and after Chat

School-to-Prison Pipeline, The School-to-Prison Pipeline Task Force is a project of the Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice, Criminal Justice Section and Council for Racial & Ethnic Diversity in the Educational Pipeline

Study: Black Students More Likely to Graduate if They Have One Black Teacher

The Overwhelming Majority Of Teachers Are White And It’s Hurting Our Kids

The failure cycle causing a shortage of black male teachers

America Needs More Black Men Leading Its Classrooms

We need more black and brown teachers but not for the reasons you think

Why Black Men Quit Teaching

Why Are All the Teachers White?


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