Using Google Docs in Calculus

Wow - the Google Docs are amazing!!

Wow – Google Docs are amazing!! 

So ISTE got me all charged up this summer about all of the amazing things that I could start using immediately in class.  One of those things was peer editing with Google Docs.  I have to be honest, I didn’t really see a way to use this at all before the conference and after, I don’t see how I could not use them!  Its simple really, the kids work in groups and each week each group posts a Doc based on the problems that we have been working on.  I create a submission form (another Google Doc piece of genius) and post this in Edmodo.  The kids post their Doc URL into the form and bang – its on the internet.  I post the spreadsheet with all of the URL’s in them and the students leave comments on two different docs.  I am grading for participation on this (5 points every time I find their name max of 15), I want the kids to post even if they are unsure whether the problem is correct.  When leaving comments, students are required to leave positive feedback – and so far this has worked out really well.  They have been really supportive of each other and on the problems where mistakes have been made, the comments are made in a way that is not discouraging.  The fun thing is this – kids telling other students how much it helped to see the problems done!  Each group will add their own unique flavor and this seems to really resonate with helping the understanding happen.  With the Google Doc equation editor, creating those really complicated calculus problems is not the daunting task it once was!

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