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Teaching to Our Past

Teaching To Our Students Future

My Past The classroom has changed since my first year of teaching way, way back in 1997.  I had a chalkboard, some colored chalk, and an overhead projector.  There was also a TV hanging from the ceiling for Channel One news.  Year two added an internet connected computer in the …

Technology Hacks

Technology Hacks for Educators

What is a Hack? Classroom hacks are loosely defined as anything that you can do to make your life easier or anything that can be repurposed outside of its intended use, for your benefit.  If you do a search for classroom hacks on Pinterest, you will find tons of different …

9A – Tackk For Educators

The Drive
The Drive
9A - Tackk For Educators

Tackk Tackk is a great website for creating and sharing in your classroom. Click right here for how to use it!  This could be a great way to share weekly newsletters, have students show what they know, teach a lesson, flip a lesson, brag on your school or extra curricular teams…the …

Tackk for Educators

Yesterday I shared a Tackk Board about how to create a Tackk Board – today I want to give you some ideas and examples of how Tackk can be used in your classroom!  Several of these ideas can go across age groups, you know what your students should and should …

If you don’t Tackk…You Should!

I made a Tackk to explain Tackk. It doesn’t matter what grade level you teach, this is a site worth exploring! I will post another blog in the near future giving you ideas for your classroom! Questions?  Leave a comment…

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