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Deep Thoughts

Teaching to Our Past

Teaching To Our Students Future

My Past The classroom has changed since my first year of teaching way, way back in 1997.  I had a chalkboard, some colored chalk, and an overhead projector.  There was also a TV hanging from the ceiling for Channel One news.  Year two added an internet connected computer in the …

Comfort Zone

The Anti-Education Era

The Anti-Education Era: Creating Smarter Students through Digital Learning by James Paul Gee was a book that I read this semester.  This infographic will share what this book was about.  If this interests you, get it on Amazon.

Keep Your Coins I Want Change

Teach for America Counter Narratives

One of the books that I read this semester was Teach for America Counter Narratives: Alumni Speak up and Speak Out edited by T. Jameson Brewer and Kathleen deMarrais.  If you read through the infographic and are interested in the book, here is the Amazon link.

Free Ice T: lucky you have some lemonade

Ice T? Nope – Lemonade…

Iced T? I think this commercial is an excellent parallel for teachers to consider.  How many times have we taught a lesson (that we thought was perfect) and the students look back at us with confusion?  Or we say something for the millionth time and get asked that question again…How …

Image of a runner with zombie hands reaching out

Zombies, Run!

Gamification Gamification is when gaming mechanics are used in non-game situations.  This is the short version.  Some people have different semantics, but this is a good way to frame it. At the ISTE Conference in San Antonio, held during the summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to hear Jane …

A graphic with the phrase stranger things the upside down.

Stranger Things and the Upside Down World

I had an interesting conversation with one of my  good teacher friends from Atlanta about the Netflix show Stranger Things – haven’t seen it?  Scroll to the bottom for the teaser trailer.  Our conversation really resonated in a way I did not expect and got me thinking about what Jenny …



Podcasts My drive from home to school in Stillwater is about 70 minutes one way.  I’m not complaining at all, its an easy commute – no horrible traffic to deal with.  So on the journey I frequently listen to a variety of podcasts: Edusurge, Freakonomics, TED Radio Hour, Planet Money, …


Training to Get Better

It started with a run I started running again this June.   I decided it was time to work in fitness for my body.  Training to get better for something on my bucket list.  Turns out this is also good fitness for my brain.  It gives me time to think …



Yesterday I had the opportunity to hear Piyush Patel speak at a leadership luncheon at Oklahoma State University.  What a story!  The quick sum up is this – he graduated from the College of Education at OSU as a teacher, taught in a small college, founded a company for under …

Madigan President Letter

My Daughter Gets It

My daughter gets it.  This is her “If I were President Project” *made spelling edits and sought clarification on one tough part.  The words are hers. If I were president I would help the foster children and the homeless.  I would help make schools better.  I would help people in …

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