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Equity Where Art Thou?

Equity is a big issue – what are we doing about it? Watching all of the social media surrounding our current state of education is difficult.  I don’t have time – there is so much going on in my personal life right now, paying attention to the day to day …

6 – Equity

The Drive
The Drive
6 - Equity

Equity This episode is about equity – one of the most difficult things to try and solve in our educational system.  This podcast will be challenging to listen to. Enjoy The Drive! Stitcher Soundcloud BAM Radio iTunes  

Diversity and Equity

*Warning – this post has over 3,700 words.  It will deal will some very strong issues of education in our state as they relate to my equity and diversity course and the associated readings that we covered this past semester.  My final paper will be in APA format, if you want to …

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