Success Defined

Success, Baby!Let me start be telling you what success isn’t: its not winning the lottery, its not getting the big bargain, its not getting perfect grades, its not making a million dollars…

These examples could be used to describe success, but that would depend on the person.  I think that most people would define success as winning, or making oodles of money, or becoming the president of the United States.  Again, for some people that is tremendous success. 

 But what if I don’t want to be the president?  What if I don’t want to make millions?  What if I don’t want to be an NBA All-Star?  There has to be a way to measure my success, right?

I coached high school soccer for almost 20 years, the first three years I spent a lot of time talking about winning.  The problem with this is what happens when we play the perfect game, but lose?  Were we successful?  Not according to the scoreboard.  

Year four, under the tutelage of some great coaches, John McFall (basketball state champion coach) and Will Stoskopf (state champion soccer coach), my philosophy changed.  Instead of focusing on winning, where we would only be successful on the scoreboard, it changed to “be in a position to succeed.”

Its a little known fact that someone will always be better than me at something…

Think about this, what if I got an “A” in Schooling 101, but put in zero effort.  Am I successful?  I would argue no.  What if my soccer team wins a game 4-0, but played terrible?  Were they successful?  I would argue no.  What if I earned millions and millions of dollars, but along the way I lost my family? 

Here is my definition of success: performing the best that I can, when it matters most, no matter how difficult or challenging the situation.  

Play the game of my life and lose?  Success!  

Get a “C” on a test but worked and worked and worked to prepare?  Success!

Put myself in position to interview for the job of my dreams?  Success!

We can’t all be the president, nor can we all earn a perfect 4.0.  We can’t be NBA All-Stars, nor all be Teacher of the Year.

Just because these are things that show succes, doesn’t mean they define success.

We can ALL do the best we can with what we have where we are!  This is success!!

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