One down, one to go…So Long #ISTE13 hello #21stMSC

So my brain is still buzzing with after effects of the ISTE conference earlier this week!  I have been pretty inspired and have worked on things and ideas every day since.  Kristina and I bounced ideas off of each other the entire trip home and came of with some good ones.  We also have several stellar ones percolating in the back of our brains 🙂

Now, I am packing it up for the Model Schools Conference in DC.  Pretty excited for this one!  But one huge difference between this conference and the ISTE one: no wifi in the conference building *except* for designated areas….What the heck!?  How can I collaborate with my peeps if I can’t get an internet connection, except for certain places…Grumble….ISTE wasn’t perfect, but I was connected more than I wasn’t.  Enough of this, I will just be sure to save a few open docs locally and upload them when I get the chance.

Connectivity issues aside, I am looking forward to more learning!  There is not enough good professional development opportunities build into the school year.  Yes there are meetings and usually someone does something cool, but to have the opportunity to hear from schools that are rocking in education is really exciting to me.  I feel like I always pick up a few things that I can modify for my classroom to make it even stronger!  Heading out tomorrow and super excited!

Be sure and tune in for the Day 1 Recap tomorrow…from the nation’s Capital!map_of_washington-dc

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