#OkEdRally Time!!

Last night I had trouble sleeping…I have never done anything like what I am about to, which is to bring attention the the state of education in Oklahoma. And one of the things that really frustrates me was a news article I heard this morning on my way to meet okay fellow Edmond teachers – a TAX CUT has made it through committees from both sides of the State Legislature!! How can you do that and promise increased funding for public education? The money has to come from someplace, which means that some other area of government will have decreased funding and we are experiencing a shortfall on funds. What about our roads? What about firefighters and policemen and women? What about some of the state agencies that we depend on every day?? Be BRAVE LEGISLATORS!!! Do right by the citizens of Oklahoma! Give them the services and education we deserve! LISTEN TO OUR VOICES TODAY!!!

Forgive any typos, I did this on my phone on the way…

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