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New StuffIt has been a long time since my last blog post.  One of the things all of those blogging/social media websites say is most important is the frequency with which you blog.  Oops.  It is not for lack of wanting to share, more like exactly what…New Stuff is coming.  The site hasn’t been quiet.  Here are some things that have been happening in other parts of

The Three-Minute Tech Byte

I have transitioned from full-time student back to a full-time employee.  And man is it great!  I am the new Directory of Instructional Technology at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma.  One of the things that I have created for my faculty, staff, and students is the Three-Minute Tech Byte.  The Tech Bytes are short videos, less than three minutes, that introduce different educational technology.  Not necessarily the nuts and bolts of the technology, but a quick overview and some ideas on how to use it in your class.  Check out this video for managing all of those tabs in the Chrome Browser:

If you enjoy this, please take 22 seconds and subscribe to my channel, once I get to 100 subscribers I can name it.  New Tech Bytes will be posted each week, AND there will be more in-depth items coming as well.

OklaSaid Podcast

There was a conversation on #oklaed about maybe podcasting the Sunday evening Twitter #oklaed Twitter chats.  A podcast sounded like a good idea, so my friend Erin and I have started one called #OklaSaid.  The podcast is a discussion of what was said during the #oklaed chat, we share tweets from participants and offer our thoughts as well.  Your feedback is important – what do you like, what would you change.  Let us know!  We would love it if you would share your thoughts on this – we would love it even more if you would subscribe:





And if you want to catch up, get the archive right here.

The Drive Podcast

The Drive has been quiet recently as well.  The podcast will also be getting some updates in the coming weeks, as I have been stockpiling ideas to share.  Be on the listen…


iPadpaloozaOU is coming up in August – I had the opportunity to help with this amazing conference last year and will be offering some support again this year.  It was an epic two days.  EPIC!  There were too many cool things that happened to list them all here; I can’t do it.  However, you can now register for this event right here; you will not find a better conference for the price.  And, don’t let the title fool you, this is edtech – yes iPads are involved but are not necessary.  Bring your questions and willingness to be amazed, bring your interest in trying something new.

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