#ISTE2014 Day 2!!!

It started off really early, super excited to have a table session at ISTE! Up late and couldn’t sleep, so at 5:30 this morning I headed to the hotel fitness area and got in a four mile run. The breakfast area wasn’t open for Kristina and I yet, so we walked across the street for some Dunkin Donuts! Off to ISTE by 7:00 am and into set up mode we went. We were mostly ready by 7:40, but had a crowd before we were totally ready and then people just kept coming and coming and coming!!! Wow!!! Two quick hours later and we felt like our session about Knowmia was a huge success!

Off to the first round of goodies of the day that I can attend and I am sitting in a session about developing a more creative flipclass. Al Pajak did a great job of showing how so many different apps can be used to create flipclass videos. Excellent ideas, follow him on twitter here: @stemnation. We covered so many apps and cool ways to make videos fun – I am excited to try some of them out!!

Break for lunch at the CNN Center, along with the rest of the conference attendees, and all the other people downtown – getting food and eating in 45 minutes is going to be tough! I opt for the frozen yogurt line, since no one is in it and combine that with a protein bar…pretty sure they cancel each other out, but onto the afternoon delights!

We decide to check out the Expo Hall – WOW!! So much cool goodness and geeky nerdiness everywhere! It was awesome and we only were able to visit a very small portion of the overall floor. We visited our friends from Techsmith, creators of Camtasia and SnagIt. Two super helpful programs that I use ALL OF THE TIME! We also swung by the Classflow booth to check them out – they look really awesome, can’t wait to see how we can incorporate them next year. So much to see and do and try, but just not enough time right now….

Adam Bellow had a session titled Untangling the Web and he showed some absolutely awesome Web 2.0 apps! So glad that I went and listened and participated in this one. We tried really hard to break the ISTE wifi, and although we hit a couple of snags, we were able to participate and enjoy and use all of the apps listed:

  • 81Dash – Backchannel communication made by a teacher for teachers
  • Kahoot – Bell ringer, review, question your students and make it fun
  • Discovery Education Assignment Builder – If you have Discovery Education, check this tool out!
  • If This Then This (IFTTT) – When this happens, then this happens.  Lots of ways to connect different apps to websites, to hashtags, to emails, to…
  • Padlet – Online posterboard where people can put and move sticky notes
  • Pear Deck – Interactive quiz, learn, practice website: super way cool!
  • Piktochart – Have data?  Create a living breathing infographic
  • The Noun Project – Clip art of any noun that you can think of.
  • A Web Whiteboard (AWWAPP) – An online interactive whiteboard, just need an iPad are larger tablet to use it!
  • Educlipper – Find, curate, share – all the things teachers need and then some!

Full day number one is now done!  Looking for dinner tonight and hope we don’t run into the same shenanigans as last night – I might not have the patience for that!  Until tomorrow…

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