#ISTE Day 2 In the books :)

Who knew that enjoying a conference so much could be so exhausting…so what are we going to do?? Head to a Karaoke party with my new friends from Symbaloo!! This is scary for a couple of reasons:

  • I am pretty tired, getting my brain to shut down and let me sleep at night has been challenging….
  • Nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to hear me sing
  • Something got into my eye and I look like an ogre…IMG_4634

Back to the conference…Keynote today by Steven Johnson was really good: ideas take time to come out. They are not usually revealed in a single a-ha moment. I really like what he had to say because I have been chewing over several ideas in my head for the past few months and with my partner in crime on this trip, some are starting to develop 🙂 I also learned the following formula coffee = caffeine = stimulants = Hey, I gotta go do something = great ideas. This is good, because I love coffee!!

Saw some really neat things that you can do with Google: Story Builder has some excellent potential to develop some anticipation for upcoming units (see previous post…). A very interesting session on using social media in a project based leaning classroom. Having some of the development of the projects on the web for peer review is an excellent idea – simple enough I wish I had come up with it. Finished the day with a wander through the Expo, this is just too cool for words!

Tonight will be fun: river cruise and singing (look out)! Hopefully we will have enough energy to make it one more day!!

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