I Need Your Help!

I have posted on Twitter a couple of times – but wanted to create a little bit more permanent way to share what I have been working on this summer. So here are the links to my school #edtech PD website and my #gamefication of Calculus.  Both of these are skeleton outlines of what I want to accomplish this year in my building.  Both still have some work to do.  There are several more items planned for the PD part and if you would like to give ideas or feedback about what I plan on trying to do then read that outline here. Here is where I need your help – I teach math, not English…so I am sure to have typos or terrible sentence structure or places that in my calculus outline where there are holes in my thinking.  You know – the more eyeballs that are on something the better it can be organized.  Some of you have already given me feedback and for that I am very grateful!  Thank YOU! If there is something that you question, let me know.  If there is something that is brilliant, let me know.  If there is something that needs more thinking from my end, let me know.  If this is a great idea, let me know.  If you have questions about why I am doing this, let me know.  I would like for this to be a conversation – one that benefits all.  So take a few minutes, sit down and take a peek at what I have been working on. Lastly – if you would like to have commenting rights on my Google Docs, email me: haselwoodmath@gmail.com with your gmail (or whatever you are using most) and I will add those rights for you.  I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK!

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