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Student Appreciation

Student Appreciation

We recently wrapped up teacher appreciation week – which is nice.  I always enjoyed the ice creams and occasional gift cards.  My administrators were always on the lookout for ways to show their gratitude.  My favorite was when Carrie Higdon hand delivered Starbucks coffee – she came by my room …

a stress free

Thoughts While Mowing Part 2

While mowing yesterday my mind wandered – as it often does – and here are some of those thoughts.  Not too many answers but more questions…. Is it possible to “quantify” a teacher’s impact on a student? Is there really a tool that can do this?  For every teacher?  Who …

single room classroom

I’m Going Rogue

Do I have your attention???  Read on… Does your classroom or educational system look like this: Might I suggest an upgrade? With the emergence of the internet and the proliferation of educational technology, there are too many ways to break down these black and white walls.  Lets add some color. …

Why I Teach

Why I Teach!

This is a hard question…There are several reasons why I teach and why I think it is such an important career. I want to make a positive impact on the next generation.  I did this for years in public high schools, teaching math and coaching soccer.  Each year was fun and …

Learning from Tomb Raider

One of my favorite games of all time is Tomb Raider – there is action, adventure, puzzles, gripping story telling, and amazing locations.  A new installment is due out just in time for Christmas (hint, hint).  I thought about putting a teaser trailer in, but this game has turned more toward …

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