A day in the life of an educator: Wednesday

*Warning – this will be a long post and is not for the feint of heart.  But for those of you who are not teachers – read it at your own risk.  This is the true story about one week in the life of a teacher, just the teacher part…

**It got too long to be read by the non-teacher, so this week will be broken down by day and on Saturday, the entire thing will be up…please forgive any typos its done on the fly…

***I teach PreAP Precalculus, Calculus, and coach women’s soccer. My contract school day is 7:15AM – 2:45PM (not including the coaching aspect). I am married to an awesome wife and we have three children ages 10, 7, and 5. AND I LOVE WHAT I DO!!

6:10-7:40 AM I am in my room getting grades entered, eligibility is pulled today and grades need to be as accurate as possible. I finish getting percentages on some Calculus tests, work through the technology trouble tickets for my building, sort out emails. I wanted to record some Calculus lessons…
7:40-8:35 AM Calculus!! Integration by parts today anyone??
8:40-9:35 AM More calculus and more integration by parts.
9:35-10:05 AM Checked on a colleagues network login issue, upload and create a video playlist on YouTube and troubleshoot some web issues on my classroom PC.
10:05-10:55 AM 3rd period Calculus!
10:55-12:30 PM Helped a colleague get her projector working and delivered toner to several people. Edited my YouTube playlist, and graded quizzes.….Spent time composing an email to my Representative, Mr. Mike Turner. He has made some comments that frustrate me as a teacher…but I did sit for 15 mins and eat lunch!
12:35-1:30 PM PreAP Precalculus! Complex numbers in trig form. Yummy!
1:35-2:30 PM Last period of the day – Calculus!
2:35-2:50 PM Spent some time talking with a student about some challenging life events.
2:50-4:40 PM Soccer practice! Working on getting ready for tomorrow’s scrimmage.
5:30-6:00, 6:45-7:10 PM Edited my YouTube Channel to make sure the videos were correctly tagged and titled from the playlist I made earlier today. Done for the day!

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