You Can Pin-terest it!

You may have heard of this website:….

Now use it in your class!  How?

Step 1 – Sign up.

Step 2 – Search by key word or click on some of the suggestions below.

Step 3 – Set a timer – you will lose track of how long you will be here…

For the Teacher

  1. Search Pinterest for classroom organization ideas
  2. Search Pinterest for teaching ideas based on your subject: elementary math, spanish, calculus, middle school social studies, site words, digital citizenship, Shakespeare, middle school music….just to get you started!
  3. Search Pinterest for different teaching techniques – try interactive notebooks or formative assessments or TED Infographics.
  4. Need some teacher inspiration – click here now!
  5. Follow some great boards for unlimited ideas: Edutopia, ISTE, The Buck Institute, Shake Up Learning, Edudemic just to name a few.
  6. Most teachers have a chocolate or coffee addiction…

For the Student

  1. Have students send pins they like to a classroom account, these could be funny/inspirational/whatever.
  2. Have students search for a project idea and email/post a pin in the classroom LMS.
  3. Have students share some ideas related to the current unit of instruction.
  4. Students show understanding of digital awareness by sharing pins of resources that are good/bad and why.
  5. Students could sort pins according to topic – be able to explain why they sorted like they did.

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