Twitter is #Amazeballs but…Facebook!

Be brilliant people - do amazing things!  Then share them with us so we can do them also!

Be brilliant people – do amazing things! Then share them with us so we can do them also!

Twitter is a great resource for teachers, scratch that, Twitter is an #Amazeballs resource for teachers!  I get it though – Twitter is different and scary and one more thing to do.  If you Teach you should Twitter – read here for some of my thoughts.  Or here from Kas Nelson a rural elementary administrator who uses Twitter to make connections across the nation.  You may be more comfortable in Facebook, you may be super comfortable in Facebook…so comfortable you are posting status updates from the clogged grocery store aisle!  If this is you…

If Facebook is your thing and you love it – please consider following the Teaching From Here community page.  This community page has been/will be a place where this blog will be posted.  I have shared things to spark discussion.  I have shared things that are thought provoking.  I want YOU TO SHARE YOUR IDEAS!  Your idea may be the one thing that another teacher needs to see to push them over the edge for an idea they have been thinking about.

Use this page to make connections.  Use this page to share great resources.  Use this page to give us something to think about.  Use this page to connect and share with other teachers who Teach From Here (wherever YOU are).

Sometimes the conversation on Twitter is epic but you need more than 140 characters.  Follow the community page.

Pinterest page with great ideas? Share it here!  Brilliant blog on teaching reading to 3rd graders?  Post it now!  A how to for doing some really cool thing?  Please let us know!

Working together, sharing together, walking through our journey as educators together will be how me make the difference that makes the DIFFERENCE.

So if Twitter isn’t your thing, or even if it is, sometimes you need more than 140 characters – check out my Facebook community and carry on the conversation.  With actual paragraphs if necessary.  Or simply a picture.  Or a link to something epic.  Or anything that we can use to be better teachers for our students.

This community is going to be by teachers for teachers.  I want us to have good great conversation about what we do.

You never know if something like this might happen:

ISTE Conversation

Join me?

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