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Three Minute Tech Byte: PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint allows you to save your presentations in a template format. This means that the special way you set each slide with specific parameters.  Watch the video and see how!  Thank you for watching this tech byte, as always we want your feedback!  

The Three Minute Tech Byte

The Tech Byte This series of links is designed for you to listen/read/try when you have the opportunity.  The goal for each link is to be something that you can do on Saturday morning before your coffee gets cold.  Thus the title of this page: The Three-Minute Tech Byte. Listed …

#EdTech Lunch!

I have a passion for educational technology (from here on #edtech) and I know that there is tons of stuff out there that I have no idea about…So I have started up an #EdTech lunch at school!  Why not tap into the greatness that is already in my building: fellow …

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