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Three Minute Tech Byte: Intro to OneNote

OneNote is an excellent way to organize your life. From school notes, to lesson planning, to grocery lists or vacation planning.  OneNote is free with your USAO user credentials from  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click education. Thank you for watching this tech byte, as always …

OneNote Map

How I Am Organizing Professional Reading

It ‘s hard to be ABD (all but dissertation), but I am continuing to plug away on my writing.  I realized today that the way I have organized my work could benefit others. I am using three programs: EndNote, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word, and OneNote. EndNote If you are a …

The Three Minute Tech Byte

The Tech Byte This series of links is designed for you to listen/read/try when you have the opportunity.  The goal for each link is to be something that you can do on Saturday morning before your coffee gets cold.  Thus the title of this page: The Three-Minute Tech Byte. Listed …

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