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How I Am Organizing Professional Reading

It ‘s hard to be ABD (all but dissertation), but I am continuing to plug away on my writing.  I realized today that the way I have organized my work could benefit others. I am using three programs: EndNote, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word, and OneNote. EndNote If you are a …


The #MakerEd Movement And Gamification

In the journey that is student centered learning, my week for the class recently ended.  If you would like to see how this particular course is being organized, check this link.  This past week I chose our readings and they were organized around makerspaces and gamification. The #makered movement and …

Cognitive Load

Cognitive Load

This week we read about cognitive load and ended with a short article on diffusion of information.  A very simple definition of cognitive load is the working memory that is required when performing different tasks.  For example, as I write this blog post I am typing with my fingers on …

Video Learning

Video for Learning

With the technology available at our time in history, using video for learning has never been easier.  If you are a follower of this blog, then you know that I flipped my high school math classroom.  Creating video content for students to view at home, so they could work on …

Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

One of the really cool things happening right now in my Advanced Computer Instructional Development class, is that all of us have the opportunity to read about the research interests of everyone else. One of the topics that we just recently spend time discussing was financial literacy, and the article …

#Gamification Research – In Scholarly Journals, Trade Journals, and Twitter

Dear Reader, I know that you are still in recovery from my super challenging piece on Culture and Diversity, take heart!  This one less challenging 🙂 Gamification is a word that has been getting used more often over the past four years.  The ISTE conference over the past two years …

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