Students Change Lives

Lives you can changeThere are amazing things that our students are capable of when they are challenged.  I’m not talking about core coursework either, I’m talking about things that are not on an end of instruction exam.  Things that change lives – forever.

In my area of the world high schools have recently completed their fundraising weeks.  My previous teaching stop (Edmond Memorial High School) wrapped up their SWINE Week with over $500,000 in donations for Calm Waters.  Edmond Santa Fe recently concluded their Double Wolf Dare Week raising over $162,000 for The Care Center.  Edmond North, through Balto Week, raised an astounding $708,748 for Fields and Futures!  Balto Week was unique this year – it was students in Edmond raising money for students in Oklahoma City – how awesome is that??  Deer Creek’s Wonderful Week of Fundraising raised over $114,000 for the Anna’s House Foundation.  Piedmont’s Duck Week raised over $100,000 for two young children.

The lessons that students learn from these experiences carry far beyond the classroom.  Imagine the lives that will be touched by what they have done.   I am so overwhelmed!

Does your school do something like this?  Share it in the comments below – tell the world how amazing your students are!  If you can provide the links – I will update this post!  I want to keep an active running total – share this post and help me track how much our students have raised this school year!

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