Some Things to Know! Part 1…

This post will be just a scoche different than the normal post – a reset if you will.  I started this blog to share teaching ideas for using educational technology in the classroom.  Graduate school hijacked some of those thoughts and turned them into more deep thinking issues about teaching and learning.  This is not bad – it was just different than I planned.  I will continue to post these types of thoughts because we must always think on our practice.  Always.

I have started a podcast called The Drive and would love it if you would give it a try and give me your feedback.  Do you like it?  Has it challenged your thinking?  Has it provided an opportunity to explore something new or different? I was originally posting all of the latest podcasts as part of my blog – but they have a new home on their own static page (a page that does not change).  If you have missed an episode or are wondering what I am talking about, click right here.  Please, please, please take just a few short minutes and provide your feedback – would love for this to be a great podcast for teachers, what needs to make it so???

I will be putting together, one small piece at a time, a website for professional development for teachers.  I hope to make it fun and exciting for you and hope you will participate.  Here is a very small sample of what is coming.  It will launch when there are a couple of units ready – hopefully by mid-October.  I want this to be epic – so I am going to try and set a strong foundation.  I will be pulling ideas from the poll you took earlier.  Feedback it super important here – do I get your attention?  I I hope you enjoy it!

Lastly – be on the look out this weekend for a blog about flipping your classroom.  I truly think that this model can give a teacher greater freedom to teach every student where they are.  I know that equity can be an issue and I hope to address some of the possible barriers.  Is the flipped classroom a golden bullet?  No.  Can it be a powerful tool in the belt of a teacher?  Yes.  Can you do this at any grade level?  Yes.  Stay tuned…

You guys are awesome – thank you for reading!  Have a #Brilliant Day!

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