Lots of Ideas for OTA/Encyclomedia 2015!!

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I love sharing with other teachers, its one of the top things that I love about teaching and especially why I love conferences – good ones, like OTA/Encyclomdia.  Teachers have the opportunity to grow in their craft, to learn new things, get new ideas, have a-ha moments, and share extraordinary things that they do everyday with their students.  I had the very good fortune to share some sessions last year with several of my most excellent #oklaed friends and am looking forward to doing so again this fall.

The problem is this – I have about 1.2 billion ideas bouncing around inside my mind and need some help with what things would have the largest, most positive impact on your classrooms.  I know, I know, by October some of us are really set in our ways, new ideas are tough to work in.  Some of you look for a new adventure every week, some once a month….I want to help be that spark that makes a difference somewhere down the line, so help me find some focus.

I have have done sessions on the following things and would gladly do them again (like shampoo, rinse and repeat if necessary):

  • How to set up a Flipclass classroom model
  • iPad in the classroom
  • iPad apps in the classroom for teacher and students
  • Twitter
  •  Issues/struggles that could come up in a Flipclass model

Some of the ideas that I am kicking around in my noggin include, but are not limited to:

  • Flipped Classroom with Mastery Learning (middle school/high school)
  • Harnessing the power of the backchannel during class (middle school/high school)
  • Websites to provoke classroom discussion (no matter the topic: k-12)
  • Camtasia for Teachers (screencasting for any occasion: k-12) – you can download this software for a 30-day free trial.
  • Team Building exercises for your class (middle school/high school)
  • Gamification at any age level (k-12)
  • Flipping your building’s PD and making it a game
  • Desmos (middle school/high school)
  • Blogging in the classroom (k-12) – I did this in my Calculus class – it was excellent!
  • Using video to have your kids show what they know (k-12)
  • Creating and Developing your PLN (k-12)
  • Pinterest for your classroom (yes you can!! k-12)
  • Using Facebook/Google+ to build a community for your classroom info (k-12)
  • Twitter Chats
  • Screencasting with your iPad (k-12)
  • Creating a professional blogspace
  • ………

Lots of ideas here – help me.

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