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This is My Passion

I had the amazing opportunity to share an Ignite Talk at iPadpaloozaOU.  It was an honor that I will never forget.  Jun Kim captured it on Periscope.  My forever thanks to him and the iPadpaloozaOU team!

3 Steps for Blogging

Tell Your Story

If you are not sharing what you do in the classroom, then someone else will tell your story for you.  Making assumptions about what you do and why.  Telling you what they think you need.  With all of the different things that are being shared about teaching, what part of that …

Comfort Zone

Two Things Different

Since January, my life has totally been different – I left the comfy confines of Edmond Memorial High School to take on the completely unknown world of Oklahoma State University.  My role changed from primarily teaching to primarily learning.  As a result – this school semester/year – my two things …

Year in Review

Joy and Laughter, in YOUR Classroom!

Believe it or not (its up to you) but joy and laughter can exist in a classroom where actual learning happens.  How do I know?  Most days this is what my classroom looked like (I hope). How can you do this?  Be YOU!  Yes learning needs to happen.  Yes there …


Connecting With Students

I feel like I have always been able to connect with most of my students.  Here are some things that I do/did that helped me make those connections: Ask students questions about what is going on in their lives.  Then listen to what they say. Let students know about you! …

The First Two Days

The First Two Days

The first two days of school (I taught high school math) can set the tone for the rest of the year.  How you start off your year can make such a difference!  When I was a younger teacher, the first few days of school were full of rules and class …

Change in Neon

Change This!

This is a week late but is my first blog under the Share #YourEdustory family of blogs!  This also happens to be a topic that I am passionate about solving, I am doing what I am doing for this very reason. Some backstory… I have always tried to do things …

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