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OklaSaid – The #Oklaed Podcast

Thank you for listening to OklaSaid – The #Oklaed Podcast! We are glad you are here! This podcast will be updated weekly after each #oklaed chat. Topics will vary, as the topics of #oklaed vary.  We welcome you every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. CST for one of the fastest hours …

31 – Setting Goals

 Setting Goals for 2017 It’s a new year!  Forget the resolutions, set some practical goals to reach for this year.  Resolutions are often broken: “I’m going to the gym every day in 2017!” Which is broken the first time you don’t make it.  Be practical, take small steps, and move …

29 – Ice T and Lemonade

There are a lot of similarities between this commercial and how we use educational technology in our schools.  Some schools are better than others when it comes to edtech, but we can all improve.  Our students deserve it!  Read the associated blogpost as well. Thank you for all you do! …

26 – iPadpaloozaOU Ignite Talks

iPadpaloozaOU! The best of intentions don’t always work out exactly like they were planned…The goal was to have this podcast out last week, while iPadpaloozaOU was still fresh.  Alas, real life got in the way and here we are a week later. iPadpaloozaOU was an excellent conference that sparked some …

24 – Go Rogue

Go Rogue.  This phrase is at the top of my page – there is a reason I put it there.  Why?  I wrote a blog about this – check it out here.  To sum it up – sometimes as educators we get caught up doing what we have always done because …

23 – Teacher Action Research

Teacher action research is an overlooked, yet very important piece of the education puzzle.  Without thoughtful, systemic, and reflective thinking about what we are doing in the classroom, how will we get better?  This podcast is the result of one of the classes that I took this spring – Advance …

The drive

The Drive Podcast

The idea for The Drive Podcast developed on my commute from where I live to school – that drive is about 70 minutes.  During the drive I listen to a variety of podcasts: Freakonomics, EdSurge, Planet Money, TED Radio Hour, Cult of Pedagogy, Serial,  some soccer stuff, just to name a …

The drive

The Drive Episode 8: Literacy

The drive

Links for The Drive

Here are the links for The Drive: iTunes Stitcher (this one is stuck on episode 3, not sure why) Soundcloud Bam Radio Vodcast: Here! Thanks for listening and please continue to give feedback!  I want to this podcast to be challenging and helpful! Be Brilliant Today! Scott

The drive

The Drive – Episode 4: Twitter

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