What needs a punch in the face?

I read where republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said that teachers need a punch in the face.  That we are the destructive force in our country.  I wonder exactly what he meant.  I never tried to hold a student back.  I never threatened to punch a student in the face.  What kind of potential leader says something like that?

I was not  and am not a money grubbing, more rights wanting, status quo bully for education.  I want what’s best for all students.  I don’t want to be told to leave teaching because I think differently than my leadership.  This is a potential issue when protections are taken away.

Here is an idea – lets punch poverty in the face.  Look around, every school that receives a “failing” score seems to  be located in a district with a low socio economic foundation. What can we do to punch poverty.  No student should ever show up at school hungry.  Ever.  Where is the passion to solve this issue.  I read somewhere that the United States has the highest child poverty rate of the industrialized world.  How about punching that?

Our education system needs an overhaul, our policy creators should ask teachers for input.  We have great ideas and would love to share them with you.  We should also look around the world and copy what other countries have had success with.  It is not a bad thing to get good ideas from other places.  Teachers do it all the time.

Punch poverty.  Punch racism.  Punch close mindedness.  

Never punch a teacher.  Never.

**Update: One of my best friends pointed out that I misquoted Mr. Christie: he wants to punch teacher unions in the face.  This does not change anything in my view of his words….

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