Intro Video Coming UP!

But not today, probably not tomorrow…but soon…Keep Calm the Video is Coming

My blogging comrade over at Blue Cereal came up with the super funtastic idea of intro videos for teachers.  He posted a blog where he had narrowed down the videos to three different ones and sought input from his readers.  The decision was rendered and he has chosen!  Want to know which one??  Click the link…

He also issued a challenge – come up with an intro video or risk him choosing one for us….

I am leaning toward a smashjob of videos…read on to see what I am contemplating putting into ONE video.  This could take a little time…be patient…

Songs for the intro:

So, you are thinking “how is this going to look?”  I have no idea….Stay tuned.  A couple more might songs might even creep in…If you have an idea – leave a comment!

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