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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Time Event
8:30-9:00am – Saturday morning ritual. I usually participate in #Satchat but had yard work today that had to be done Digital: Checked into but did not contribute to #satchat on Twitter. I love meeting new and passionate educators. I also love to participate in a discussion that includes folks from all over the United States. I try and participate in #Satchat as often as possible. There are great ideas out there, just waiting to be tried out and modified!
9:00-11:00 – Yard Work Digital/Sound: Podcast- The TED Radio Hour and Freakonomics.   I get tire of just listening to music.   So when I drive or mow, I listen to podcasts. They help to stimulate my brain and get me thinking on what I can do better or differently.
11:00-11:30 – Cooling down in the garage Digital/Sound: Started a new TED Radio Hour (I was behind) and looked through Twitter under #Oklaed, #flipclass, and #gamification.   Trolling twitter for ideas, you just never know when something super cools is going to cross the desk.
1:00-3:00pm – Kids were in quiet time and I had a small break from school work. Digital: PS3: Farcry 3. Mindless fun – a chance to just explore and level up!
3:30-4:15-ish – worked on a blog post of the thoughts I had while mowing. Digital: This was on my blogspace – it was print.   I blog frequently and usually write very quickly. I don’t spend tons of time editing or thinking about whether I should post or not.   If I have an idea or a rant – I just go for it.
6:15-7:00 – Social Media Digital: Checked on Twitter and Facebook multiple times. Just looking at what others had posted. Nothing shared from my end at this time. I noticed that I am constantly checking my phone.   Constantly
7:30-8:00 – Blogging last thoughts Digital: Back into my blog to organize final thoughts and do a quick proofread. Then posted my thoughts while mowing blog. This blog I wanted to get right, so I am revisiting it to make sure that what I typed from my brain made sense to a reader. Sometimes that does Saturday, September 5, 2015

not always happen.

8:00-10:00 – Netflix Digital: After the kids were in their rooms for the evening, my wife turned on a movie and we watched! Jaz and I usually watch a show or two together in the evening.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Time Event
8:00-10:00 – Blog Reading, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram Digital: This was not continuous, the children had me doing various things with them, but I rolled through a lot of educational social media this morning.
10:00-12:00 – Worked on my podcast Digital/Sound: I have a Podcast called The Drive (its educationally inclined) and was having trouble getting the episodes to post on a couple of the websites that I use to host it. Grrr…..
1:00-3:00 – Holiday Weekend! Kids in quiet time and some room in my schedule Digital: PS3: Farcry 3 – I call this “action research” for my dissertation. Why do I keep playing? What does it take to level up? Is it worth it for me to continue? How hard am I willing to work on objective_______?
3:00-7:00 – Social Media – educationally speaking Digital: On and off of looking at Twitter all afternoon. Posted a couple of things, retweeted a few things, looked at a few things…
7:00-8:30 – PS3 with Roan Digital: He loves to shoot zombies…so we shot lots of zombies!
8:30-10:00 – #oklaed twitter chat and podcast planning/posting Digital: I lost track of time while playing with Roan – the #oklaed chat stats at 8 and I got into really late. The conversation tonight got me thinking about what we require our teachers to do as teachers. This led to a release of the podcast I had finished on Friday and the planning of the one that I would record the next time I was in the car.
9:30-11:00 – Netflix Digital: Jaz picked the movie J

The mediums that I did not use were the traditional printed media. Everything that I did over these two days revolved around my iPhone, iPad, or laptop – a connected device. I don’t very often look at the news (maybe I should), I did spend a lot of time looking at and thinking about education. I didn’t document all of it because it happens all of the time – but I easily checked my phone couple of times each hour to see what had been posted on twitter under #oklaed and #gamification. I also know that when I have a few minutes alone with myself on the weekend, I turn on a game console and veg out with no distractions – this is my two hours to just play, and I do it while my kids spend “quite time” in their rooms. Another thing that I did not log was that there was music on in the house almost non-stop. Between what I was listening to and what my kids were playing, there was continual musical noise coming from all corners.

I chose to use my phone and laptop more than traditional print media because I like to interact with like minded educators (or those that give me things to consider). Newsprint and magazines do not give me the opportunity to do that. I have learned to use my voice over the past three years and the best place for me to do that is through blogging and micro-blogging. These forms of media give me the chance to share and have dialogue with others. I can be questioned and answer why I feel like I do. If you can present a strong enough argument for your case, I can change my mind. The social media aspect of this has been great for me – I wish I had found it sooner in my career.

I did spend a lot of time on a particular blog post (Thoughts While Mowing) – I had to get the thoughts running through my head from the TED Radio Hour and Freakonomics out into cyberspace. The TED show was all about education and different points of view on how learning happens. It was fascinating. This was followed by Freakonomics. The person being interviewed was the first female president of Harvard, Drew Gilpin Faust. She was incredibly interesting and made some very thought provoking statements. These two podcasts led to a first post on my blog, in what will probably become a series: Thoughts While Mowing.

Looking back over the weekend, I wonder how I ever survived without some kind of connected device. I was constantly going to the internet to read or look up something. I even used the internet for my music! The only time that I did not directly use the internet was when gaming on a console – but the machine still went out to the internet to pull information to load into the home log in screen. I chose not to use it. Looking at this experience, the thing that I could not live without is my connectivity. I went for the internet to many times over the weekend! I can live without the newspaper or magazines or other traditional printed items. I have done so for quite a long time. But I am afraid that if you were too take away my internet connected device, I may curl up in a fetal position and openly weep.

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