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The idea for The Drive Podcast developed on my commute from where I live to school – that drive is about 70 minutes.  During the drive I listen to a variety of podcasts: Freakonomics, EdSurge, Planet Money, TED Radio Hour, Cult of Pedagogy, Serial,  some soccer stuff, just to name a few.

These podcasts got me thinking and gave me the motivation to give back.  Consuming from others is great, it can create a foundation.  At some point, it’s time to contribute.  That is how The Drive Podcast idea formed and took root.

I typically record the podcast on my drive to school, although I have recorded in other places.  In many ways, this podcast is a reflection of my blog, with several topics being shared.  These podcasts are short, between 15-20 minutes, long enough to listen to on your drive.  Topics will be wide-ranging: educational technology, teacher advocacy, social media presence, edcamps, politics mixed with education….so many things to talk about!

So what is The Drive?  Right now the drive is to complete my PhD in Educational Technology.  It’s also the drive to advocate for teachers.  The drive to be a better teacher.  The drive to encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and go rogue.  What is your drive?

If you would like something thought provoking check out Episode 19 – Creating a Chain.  If you want to be challenged try out Episode 14 – The Challenger and the Dream.  Interested in why Twitter is important for Educators?  Try Episode 4 – Twitter.  How about a good old-fashioned rant – Episode 22 – Today I Am a Dad.

There is something for everyone.  Thanks for listening and enjoy The Drive!

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Episode 1 – Introduction to The Drive
Episode 2 – EdCamp
Episode 3 – Blogging
Episode 4 – Twitter
Episode 5 – Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s)
Episode 6 – Equity
Episode 7 – Change
Episode 8 – Literacy
Episode 9A – Outside the Box Thinking – Do We Teach This In School?
Episode 9B – Tackk
Episode 10 – The Flipped Classroom
Episode 11 – EdTech Thoughts
Episode 12 – Gamification
Episode 13 – Your Story
Episode 14 – The Challenger and The Dream
Episode 15 – Challenging Thinking
Episode 16 – For or Against #EdTech
Episode 17 – Student Centered!
Episode 18 – Properly Socialized Social Media
Episode 19 – Create A Chain
Episode 20 – Mentoring
Episode 21 – Get Better
Episode 22 – Today I Am A Dad
Episode 23 – Teacher Action Research
Episode 24 – Go Rogue
Episode 25 – Do Homework Differently 
Episode 26 – iPadpaloozaOU Ignite Talks
Episode 27 – Gamification Thinking
Episode 28 – The Upside Down
Episode 29 – Ice T and Lemonade
Episode 30 – Using EdTech in the Classroom
Episode 31 – Setting Goals
Episode 32 – Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives
Episode 33 – Summer PD
Episode 34 – ISTE Day 1
Episode 35 – ISTE Day 2





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