Flip Your Class

The flipped classroom can be an overwhelming thing to consider.  There are a variety of potential roadblocks to consider…However, the flipped classroom can give so much freedom to both students and teachers, creating a classroom environment where students are truly in charge of their learning.   Combine the flipped classroom with mastery learning and the most amazing things will happen!

Create a video for your students to receive content.  Then post that video on YouTube.  Now students can get that content with any connected device.  Students can watch your video from:

  • home
  • the community library
  • the school library
  • your classroom
  • on the bus
  • early in the morning
  • late at night
  • review the day before a test

This is just the beginning…

There are so many positives to consider when flipping your classroom.  Below are links that were shared in the session and the slides from the presentation.






Introducing the Flipped Classroom!

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