Hello Davis!

Hello Davis, Oklahoma!

I am really excited to meet and work with you on August 11!  It will be a great morning of learning and creating – get ready to be challenged and (hopefully) inspired!

It is important to model to our students the courage we have to try new things.  To model failure and how to learn from it.  To model problem solving and curiosity and creativity.  Educational technology is key in all of these areas.  EdTech should be a part of the fabric of your class, not something that you are imposing just because.  EdTech can also play a huge roll in your professional development as well.  Websites like Twitter, Tackk, and Pinterest can give you incredible ideas that you can use in your classroom right away!

Please take just a few minutes to add to this Padlet and it will guide our conversation.  Don’t forget to have a couple of lessons in mind – we will have time for some creation as well.  Use this time to make a difference in your school year – your foundation begins now!

Don’t let this be a one and done learning experience – please stay in touch with any questions you have.  Professional development that is one and done is not professional development.  We want to get better every day and continue to learn and try new things.  Please reach me at haselwoodmath@gmail.com or on Twitter @teachfromhere.

I will see you very soon!!


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