What Does #Oklaed Mean to You?

What does #Oklaed mean to you-Take a few minutes and think about this.  What does #Oklaed mean to you?  How has it impacted you as a teacher/administrator/parent?  I would be great if you would leave a quick note in the comments.  Let others know what your perceptions are.

Did you find inspiration?  Get some lesson ideas?  Make connections that have become invaluable?

The conversation that happens on Twitter every Sunday gets me buzzing on the inside.  Ideas start flowing.  Things to consider cram themselves into the hive that is my brain during these hour long discussions.  Many Sundays the conversations continue past my bedtime.  Makes for a short night on occasion – and that is fine with me.  The relationships that are developing are totally worth it.

If you have not tried an #oklaed chat – please do.  We welcome anyone from anywhere.  Moderators change each week – the topics are wide ranging.  Please join us Sunday evening at 8:00pm CST.

For me – this pic sums it up:

Inspirational Quote

This inspires me to always set goals that are challenging and scary.

Why?  Since I have become active in #oklaed, I have met people who inspire me.  People who encourage me.  People who have had such an impact.  #Oklaed has given me the courage to chase crazy scary dreams.  #Oklaed – you do make a difference.  Every day.

I would love for you to share a picture and a quick sum up of what #oklaed means to you.  Leave them in the comments below or email me.

I would like to use this as part of my research – email me and we will talk.  Any pictures and summaries I use will remain anonymous, I won’t share anything without permission.

Share through Twitter with #oklaed.

Email me: teachingfromhere@gmail.com




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