Twitter PD = #Amazeballs


This will be short and sweet – what are your favorite Twitter PD hashtags?

I follow several myself and have been so blessed by the amazing things that teachers are sharing with each other.  Listed below are a few of the hashtags that I follow on a regular basis.  Go ahead and add your favorite hashtags in the comments below – don’t forget to give us a brief description as well!  Be #amazeballs people!

#gamification gamification sites and ideas
#edtech educational technology and associated cool stuff
#ipaded using ipads in the classroom
#oklaed all things related to education in Oklahoma
#edtechchat educational technology chat (different than #edtech)
#flipclass all about the flipped classroom
#tlap this is related to the book Teach Like A Pirate

All of the cool people leave comments - what are your thoughts?

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