This is a quick post about the benefits of TweetDeck.  If you are a teacher and not on Twitter – you need to get started.  It is a powerful tool! Read why you should tweet right here!

For those teachers who are on Twitter and nervous about participating in a chat – that is OK!  Sometimes posting that first tweet can be stressful.  I still remember the first tweet that I posted in the #oklaed chat (Sunday evenings 8:00 CST), my heart was racing, my palms were sweaty.  I may or may not have been super nervous.  What I discovered was an amazing community of educators focused on teaching and learning.

Rare is the Sunday evening when I am not participating…self disclosure – the past two weeks I mostly missed.  There are other chats out there that are great – just google educational twitter chats and join up with one!

One of the best ways (but not the only way) to participate in a Twitter chat is by using TweetDeck.  This is not an app for your phone or tablet.  It is a website that has a file you can download on a computer (laptop or desktop, mac or windows).  I made a video on how to use TweetDeck – check out below and I look forward to seeing you in a chat!

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