Three Minute Tech Byte: Remind

Remind is an excellent way to communicate with large groups of people.  Use the app and send a message while walking from the car into the grocery store.  Or something whacky just happened and the location for your next meeting was moved.  Remind is perfect!  Check it out.  As always, your feedback helps.  Take a minute to leave your thoughts in the form below:


Hello USAO, this is Scott your friendly director of instructional technology.  And I want to share with you today, another website that you can use, or an app as it were, that you can use with your students.  Or if you are a student and you are in a position of leadership in your club or organization, this is something that you can use with your club or organization as well. 

The app/website that I want to talk with you today is is an excellent, excellent way to open up communication with several people all at the same time.  And in a way that everybody is sure to be able to understand exactly what is going on.  So, instructors, do you have a guest speaker that is coming soon?  Maybe you could send a remind to your students to remember to bring those questions.  Or, perhaps something has happened and there is a new website that you want to make your students aware of.  Or did your office hours change and students were planning on coming in?  You can let them know that something came up and you won’t be able to attend today.  There is a variety of ways to use the Remind app.  And it’s very, very handy and very easy and it sends text messages from you to your students.  You can create a way for your students to communicate with you, or you can set it up so that it is one direction only.  It is really, really handy, really easy.  It’s so easy, all you need to do is create a free account here on  It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a teacher.  If you are a student using this as a way to communicate with your organization, sign up as a teacher.  

But I wanted to share with you some of the things you can do with Remind.  You can schedule announcements, you can send file attachments.  I know for my own children, their teachers use it at their schools and we have had some Microsoft word document files come through. You can send a reminder of when your office hours are, sometimes those students need a gentle nudge to remember when it is that they can meet and talk with you. Sometimes you just want to remind students, and students if you are leading an organization and you want to remind them there is a meeting tonight, or there is a basketball game and we want to go as a student body.  Or there is this activity that I would love for you guys to attend…So, there is all kinds of different things you can do.  And I think with some upgrade, if you decide to use it that way, you can have access to activity planner as well.  

Its a really handy thing to use and if you have the app on your phone or smart device, you can send messages straight from within the app or, you can log in here on the website and send messages that way.  

So this website is called, it’s excellent to use.  If you can send a text message, you can use the Remind app.  

Thanks for watching. 

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