Three Minute Tech Byte: OneTab

OneTab can be a helpful extension if you have several tabs open and they are all related.  Multiple open tabs can slow down your browser.  Watch this short video to learn about OneTab.  Your feedback is important, leave your thoughts in the form below:




Hello!  Welcome to the three-minute tech byte.  This is Scott your friendly director of instructional technology.  And today I wanted to share with you a brand new that you can use, perhaps you have a tab issue like I do here.  With a thousand tabs open – you were running down rabbit holes left, right, and center.  And now you’ve got all this information and you want to know what to do with it.  Well never fear – Google Chrome has an extension just for you.

So unless you have the Google Chrome extensions saved already, we are just going to look for it really quick.  I am going to look for Chrome Extensions in my address bar.  I have done this a time or two so it automatically populates.  And once my web page loads up again – all these tabs are crazy…I’m going to come into Chrome extensions and I am going to look for the Chrome extension called OneTab.  And it is going to be great.  It is going to save our lives because what OneTab does is it takes all these open tabs that we have and it puts them into one specific place with links.  So when I search for OneTab it come back with the very top

So when I search for OneTab it comes back with the very top guy.  I simply choose to add to Chrome, add that extension, and he is going to populate up here in the right-hand corner.  Next to the other really cool extensions that I have shown you so far: scissors, glue, and scholar.  This is the one devoted to OneTab and it’s really great.  OneTab has been added to Chrome – excellent.

So I’m going to click into OneTab – and here we go.  I’ve got 23 tabs created.  And now I can share that as a web page for myself or with anybody else or I can close it – it took all those tabs away and now I am down to one thing.

So, that’s one way you can do this.  If you are doing something with your students and you’ve got several different resources that you want to share with them and they are all located in several places across the web – this is one way you could do that.  Because when you do this with OneTab, and it puts all of those tabs into one place – then you can share that as a web page.  And it gives you a specific link, just for those tabs.

So there you go – under three minutes this time – coffee is still hot!

Thanks for watching.


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