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Tackk Intro

Yesterday I shared a Tackk Board about how to create a Tackk Board – today I want to give you some ideas and examples of how Tackk can be used in your classroom!  Several of these ideas can go across age groups, you know what your students should and should not do – let them show off!

Elementary Teachers (here are just a few ideas):

  • Create an invitation for your parents to volunteer to help!
  • Weekly Announcements/Announcements
  • Show off fun pictures from your classroom
  • Blog about what you are using/doing in your classroom and share with other teachers

Intermediate/Middle School Teachers (do any of the above or add these):

  • Use student’s Edmodo accounts to log in
  • Have students create a Tackk of what they have learned in your most recent unit
  • Create an announcements board – you can edit this at any time
  • Have students blog and reflect on their learning
  • Make an announcement and RSVP Tackk for your club/sport/organization

High School (add these to what is listed above):

  • Create a Tackk about your lesson (history, math, science, international language, government…), use the comments section for discussion
  • Post work and invite peer reviewing
  • Show off the art you have created
  • School weekly sporting/orchestra/band/choir events
  • Collaboration space

These should give you a starting place – Have more ideas?  Leave a comment…

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