Silence = Acceptance

Here’s the thing – by sitting idly by and watching the world move past we are accepting what is happening.  Imagine watching a fight break out in the middle of the street in your neighborhood.  A group of angry men beating on an innocent person who is different than them.  Then after its over one of those men turns to the crowd and says “Thank you for your support.”  How would you feel?

That is where we are right now.  As teachers and as a society.  We watch, wondering what we can do.  Have you ever witnessed domestic violence and just put your head down to keep walking?  Have you seen a car wreck occur, but because you were late to work never slowed down?

BlueCereal may be right – there may be just a few screaming into the void, the thing is this – those who are screaming are doing something.  They are not accepting what they are seeing.  They are advocating for change.

I did not live in the 1950’s when the Civil Rights movement was in full swing.  I imagine that there were scenes like this everywhere.  With precious few screaming into the void about the unfairness of it all.  That separate is not equal.  That all lives matter.

It’s not the 1950’s anymore.  However, separate is not equal and every single life matters.  How can we communicate this to those in power?  What steps can we take as society to ensure that we are not silent on issues that can have such devastating consequences for those who cannot advocate for themselves.  I have three of my own children in public schools and I had the hardest time sleeping last night….

Today is an important day for public education in our state.  Your silence = acceptance.

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