Passion for what I do!

I raised $5,000 to shave my head and get a henna tatoo

I raised $5,000 to shave my head and get a henna tatoo for SWINE Week in spring 2013

I teach.  Love teaching!  Cannot imagine not doing this!!!  It is with passion and enthusiasm that I say hello to my kids everyday.  It is my desire for them to achieve at the highest level that I work almost non-stop for them.  I am always on the lookout to make my classroom the best that it can possibly be.  I look for things to change, tweak, move, adopt, undo, redo, undo again, keep the same, fix, correct and make better through constant improvement and thought and reflection about what I do.  I love getting to see the kids everyday and asking them how things are going.  I love seeing them achieve excellence in the arts, drama, music and athletics.  I love to see how my school comes together for a common cause in the fundraising week known as SWINE Week (we have raised over $1.5 over the past three years for charities).  I love how the kids are proud to be Bulldogs and support each other.  I love watching the kids interact in the hallways.  I love high fives during passing period.  I enjoy seeing when a student “really” gets it.  I love hearing when the kids get a drivers license.  I love teaching.  I bring passion and enthusiasm to the classroom and my kids know it.  I bring a desire for them to be the best they can be (and we often butt heads here…).

I told my kids last week, that if I were to win Mega-Millions, I would still teach!  However, my car would be a lot nicer!!  I can’t imagine not pouring into the next generation, supporting them with positive feedback, and encouraging through difficult times.  I couldn’t imagine not helping these kids to set high goals and dreams and not watch them reach.  I know that it would be really difficult for me to earn tons of bucks doing what I do, but the opportunity to touch a life (or 130 lives) everyday is worth more than those millions.  I make a positive impact in ways that I will never know and am happy to do so.

Why do I teach?  To make a difference!  And I do it everyday!

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